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1042.9 [m]

Tatiana Trouvé & Ellen Leblond Schrader

Obsidian Cloud, 2017

Diese erste Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Bildhauerin Tatiana Trouvé und der Klangkünstlerin Grace Hall resultiert in erdichteten Landkarten aus Klang und Papier. Im Wasser des öffentlichen Schwimmbades werden vertraute Sprachmelodien erklingen und nur von der Atmung der Schwimmenden unterbrochen werden. So entsteht eine Art unterbrochene Dichtung aus Ein- und Ausatmen. Eine weitere Einladung, die weniger bekannten Orte der Region kennenzulernen, besteht aus einem Guide: Eine gedruckte Karte, wo die Kartographie der Sprache zu jener des Ortes geworden ist. Hier sind die noch geheimen Orte der Region als Stationen einer Erkundungstour des Unbekannten dargestellt.

Eines dieser fünf Erlebnisse findet im öffentlichen Schwimmbad statt. Die Karte führt die Besucher und Besucherinnen an diesen Ort, und das Schwimmbad ist das Tor zu einer unbekannten Welt. Unter dem Wasser des Schwimmbeckens werden die vertrauten Sprachmelodien von der Atmung der Schwimmenden unterbrochen und eine Art fragmentarische Dichtung aus Ein- und Ausatmen entsteht dabei (Grace Hall, Obsidian Cloud, 2017). Unter Wasser tauchen wir für einen Moment in diese geheime Welt ein. Aber wir können nur für die Dauer eines Atemzuges in dieser Welt verweilen.
You Are Here und Obsidian Cloud arbeiten synergetisch, sie widerhallen sich gegenseitig und schaffen so dieses Erlebnis eines Tourismus des Jenseits.

Hallenbad, Sportzentrumstrasse 5, Gstaad
Montag 14h-21h
Dienstag 10h-21h
Mittwoch 10h-21h
Donnerstag 9h-21h
Freitag 10h-21h
Samstag 10h-19h
Sonntag 9h-19h
7.2826 / 46.47097
1054.3 [m]
You Are Here, 2017
7.28636 / 46.47356

Grace Hall: Obsidian Cloud

© Photos by Stefan Altenburger, 2017
© Photos by Stefan Altenburger, 2017

Grace Hall: Penetration Dive, 2015

Exhibition The Order of Fireflies, Fondation Ricard, Paris, 2015. Curator Marc-Olivier Wahler
Exhibition The Order of Fireflies, Fondation Ricard, Paris, 2015. Curator Marc-Olivier Wahler

This selection of poems explores our desire to perpetuate and protect synchrony across space and time (as opposed to diachrony) – specifically in the case of immigration (traditions, folktales) – and also in one’s own body (principally though apnea). Penetration Dive weaves together traditional the environment, architecture, water collection, Italian folktales, historical battles, falconry, Sicilian lores of divers, the disappearance of Natalia Malchanova, American and Italian immigration. These short prose poems use word play, biology, and humor, to slow down time and disassemble ordinary moments until they act as building blocks that can be synchronized to work as a whole.
It also investigates the return of poetry in visual art exhibitions and the place we allow poetry in these exhibitions. Often, poetry is limited to the page or the reproduction of the page on a flat surface, such as a wall, sidewalk, or painting. But, we know that poetry isn't defined by words (i.e. image poems and sound poems), but by relationships and interconnections (rhyme, rhythm, visual patterns, etc). Synchronicity is particularly present in the slant rhymes, the manipulation of rhythm, and the superposition of narratives that seem related but have no discernable connection outside this work

Grace HallCV

Grace Hall’s work is strongly influenced by her personal experience: she grew up in a deaf- mute community in Washington’s San Juan Archipelago and her first experience with nonstop chatter was when she attended her last two years of high school in New York City. The artist reacts to this sudden entrance into the city’s never-ending cacophony by constructing works of isolation. She plucks one voice, from her surroundings and invites her public to meet this narrative, this stranger, in an underwater tête-à-tête, on an island made of sound.
The artist began working with water when she moved to Paris, to imitate how the city plunges into silence every morning. Water physically separates the audience from his surroundings, demands a certain commitment and intimacy, and dominates the senses, body, and attention span: the public’s experience of the work is mediated by moxie and lung capacity.
During the last ten years the artist has been collecting detailed biographies, rewriting them into poetry, and constructing pieces for a large underwater biennial (Cycladic Islands, 2017).
Grace Hall (b. 1977, USA) lives and works in Paris, France

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